Dr. O’Hara’s therapeutic approach emphasizes how our most personal perspectives on life and relationships are informed by our past experiences, where we are in the present, and our hopes of what lie ahead in future. She strives to create an open environment to allow access to the meaning of these experiences and explore the impact the meaning has on our everyday lives (i.e relationships, work, and play). Dialogue plays a key role and often fosters confidence in dealing with adverse interpersonal interactions, relationship discord, anxiety, hopelessness, irritability, the symptoms of life that keep us feeling “stuck” or “trapped.”

Conversations within the frame work of therapy tend to promote symptom reductions, along with an experience of less conflict in aspects our lives. Clients of this therapy approach often become more thoughtful about decision-making and learn how to apply critical thinking in more diverse ways. Clients also report they gain deeper understanding of the way in which they perceive themselves and their relationships with others. Many clients have described a feeling of becoming “un-stuck,” setting better limits and increasing self-care to maintain therapeutic gains after the treatment ends. She is a believer in the journey of self-discovery toward a peaceful and balanced life.

Dr. O’Hara received a master’s degree and doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology.

Treatment Specialties

Dr. O’Hara has experience working with adolescents and adults from many different backgrounds, and she specializes in working with individuals who identify as LGBTQ. Her clinical specialties lie in working with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, trauma and behavioral issues.

Therapy Methods:



Drug Abuse




Relationship Issues

Sexual Abuse


Domestic Violence


Family Conflict

Peer Relationships

Self Esteem

Trauma and PTSD

Ages / Groups Treated

Individuals, Couples, Families, Teens, Adults, Behavioral Issues, Gay,Lesbian, Bisexuals, Transgender, HIV / AIDS Clients

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