Full Psychological Evaluations for Military, Federal Aviation Administration, and Civil Service Fitness-of-Duty

PsychBreak psychologists are experienced in performing Fitness-for-Duty evaluations for a variety of professions and activities. After an illness, injury, or serious personal issue, individuals who serve as emergency first responders, security personnel, medical care providers, and those who operate vehicles or heavy machinery are often required to submit to a psychological evaluation before returning to activities.

Employers may refer employees to PsychBreak, or employees may self-refer if they require a second opinion with regards to another fitness for duty assessment. The transition from the military to civilian life for veterans can be difficult. Psychological evaluations can help veterans translate their military skills to the civilian sector and help veterans identify careers and work settings where they would flourish. Veterans and those involved with the Federal Aviation Administration are encouraged to call to find out more about potential evaluations through PsychBreak.