Almost all couples experience conflict. However, if unresolved, conflict can become a significant stressor on the relationships, and can negatively impact partners’ satisfaction. PsychBreak strives to honor the unique challenges that relationships may bring while working with couples to enhance their happiness together. The therapists at PsychBreak have worked with a wide variety of couples including those in GLBT relationships, married, engaged, united by civil union, dating, and cohabiting, for many common relationships problems.

Partner conflicts often center around issues of trust, value differences, communication styles, financial issues, and extended family. Regardless of the source of couples’ conflict or marital problems, the therapists at PsychBreak are able to understand the nature of your relationships and the difficulties you face, while helping both partners to achieve a higher level of relationships satisfaction. In some cases, one individual seeks therapy for relationship self-help. PsychBreak couples therapists can work with one partner as the primary client, usually with occasional visits by the second member of a relationship.