In this episode, Dr. Jason E. LaHood and his special guests comedian Joe Slepski and actress Rebekah Walendzak-Slepski discuss the pitfalls of Valentine’s Day and how to avoid “screwing it up.” Grab a coffee and take a listen to the advice of the Existential Coffee’s host and guests as we delve into the topic of “How NOT to screw up Valentine’s Day.” This episode takes a lighter approach and has some really funny moments. Don’t miss it!

Very Special Thanks to our Guests:
Joe ‘Malone’ Slepski
Rebekah Walendzak-Slepski

Host Dr. Jason E. LaHood
Supervising Producer Madison Hurd, M.A.
Associate Producer John Brand
Sound Editor John Brand
Correspondent on the Street Jessica Garcia, M.A.

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