KetaTherapy & Integration Groups

As the need for ketamine treatment grows, PsychBreak Psychology seeks to make connections to, and information about, treatment as accessible as possible. Join us weekly, for either a morning or afternoon group to connect with other folks who are going through the process of ketamine treatment. During these 60 to 90-minute gatherings, facilitated by one of our experienced ketamine therapists, we will spend time sharing experiences and questions, as well as discussing tools and tips for optimizing infusions and integration.

Ketamine Treatment Support Group – starting in September 2022

Get the most from your Ketamine treatments by attending our recovery and aftercare support groups. Our groups provide a safe and supportive environment to process feelings around recovery. Post-Ketamine Treatment, most patients feel as though the world is brighter with more possibilities. People describe a desire to become more engaged in life, but at a loss of how to move forward. As our way of relating to the world and others (family, friends, passersby on the street) changes,the relationships themselves change as well. Sharing your experiences during recovery and listening to the experiences of others offers guidance, a path out into the world, and the tools needed for success. Our group facilitators are knowledgeable about Ketamine treatments and full of care with respect to everyone’s goals for recovery.

When: Every Tuesday 12-1 pm

Where: a link provided to members

How much/How to sign up – some insurances are taken, or up to $50/group. Call our offices to express interest or sign up.

Who: you might benefit from this group if

– You want a space to feel heard and understood by others who have had shared experiences with Ketamine-assisted treatment

– You want to discuss your experiences during current or past Ketamine Treatments with others who have gone through it

– You need to process emotions about navigating life with reduced clinical symptoms

– You feel unsure about the future of Post-Ketamine Treatments