Ketamine Informed Provider Referrals

The following psychiatric practices do not provide Ketamine, but they have Ketamine informed providers who can manage other medications: 

Terra Firma Behavioral Health
Call 773-234-7621 

Adne Institute
Call 773-945-1165  

Clarity Clinic
Call 312-754-9404 

What to Expect

Preparing for your visit:

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Medications, Food, and Drink Clients should avoid lamotrigine (lamictal) the day of infusions and limit benzodiazipines, in consultation with their prescribing clinician. 


What is Ketamine? 
Ketamine is an anesthetic drug. It was approved in 1970 by the FDA as an anesthetic for humans and is frequently administered at high doses for surgeries. Used at lower doses, it is currently being researched as a treatment for chronic and severe Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, behavioral issues disorders, migraines, and chronic pain disorders. Research indicates that Ketamine treatments for psychological disorders is highly effective with minimal side effects.

What are Ketamine treatments like?
Ketamine treatments are administered by medical professionals in a safe, monitored space. Depending on the clinic you use, it is typical for you to receive approximately six Ketamine infusions within two weeks as a cycle. Then, you will receive maintenance Ketamine infusions as needed every month to several months after. Since Ketamine is administered at low doses for treatment of psychiatric disorders, individuals are awake during infusions. Many individuals describe the psychoactive effects of Ketamine as inducing hallucinations, similar to descriptions of “tripping.” Every person’s experiences on Ketamine are unique and can vary across infusions. Ketamine treatments last for approximately 45 minutes, and some individuals describe feeling groggy for a few hours afterwards.

Do you provide Ketamine infusions? 
No, PsychBreak Ketamine Consultations does not currently provide infusions.  KetaTherapy™ is a unique mental health therapy designed to prepare you to utilize Ketamine infusions appropriately, optimize results, and prevent relapse of symptoms.

What is KetaTherapy™?
KetaTherapy™ is the first and only mental health treatment specifically designed for use in conjunction with ketamine infusion treatments.  It includes individual and group therapy that can help you decide whether Ketamine is right for you and optimize treatment outcomes.  Most Ketamine clinics will tell you that 10-20% of patients are “non-responders.”  We, the creators of KetaTherapy™, believe that almost anyone can obtain significant symptom reductions with the right support.  We have seen so-called non-responders find relief from their symptoms, and responders find more meaningful change to improve their lives.

How is KetaTherapy™ different from other types of counseling or psychotherapy?
Most people seeking KetaTherapy™ have tried many types of therapies, medications, and other treatments in the past.  KetaTherapy™ is unique because it works specifically with the symptom-reducing qualities of Ketamine infusions.  While other types of therapies are redundant in their efforts to reduce symptoms, KetaTherapy™ optimizes the effects of Ketamine symptom reduction by teaching you how to effectively utilize the drug’s dissociative properties for symptom relief.  In addition, KetaTherapy™ trains clients how to adjust their lives and improve their relationships based on the meaningful psychological experiences they have in Ketamine treatment.

Where did KetaTherapy™ come from?
Unlike many treatments for chronic depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, or pain disorders, KetaTherapy™ is not based in a directive symptom reduction model (like CBT) or an insight-oriented model (like psychoanalysis).  Instead, KetaTherapy™’s roots come from existential philosophy and existential psychotherapy.  KetaTherapy™ was created by mental health professionals who have undergone the infusion treatments and supported loved ones battling severe mental health issues.  As a team, these clinicians realized the power of Ketamine to change symptoms of the brain, and designed a treatment to care for the self.

Am I a candidate for KetaTherapy™?
If you are undergoing Ketamine infusions for any psychiatric disorder, you are a candidate for KetaTherapy™.

I am having difficulty responding to Ketamine. What should I do?
 If you are having difficulty responding to Ketamine, a consultation session for non-responder coaching could help.  Please contact us for assistance.

I saw information about a support group. What’s that?
We offer weekly KetaTherapy™ Groups for individuals undergoing Ketamine infusions.  Groups are always open to new members. The KetaTherapy™ Group is a space where individuals are open to communicate their own experiences, support others in their experiences, and to ask questions. Undergoing Ketamine infusions is a unique experience that precedes many life changes. The support group is a great way to connect with others who have shared experiences as you move forward in your life with reduced clinical symptoms. Our group facilitators are knowledgeable about Ketamine treatments and the ways in which they impact people’s lives.

Do you take insurance?
We are paneled with BlueCross BlueShield, United Behavioral Health, and Medicare Part B. KetaTherapy™ sessions are a type of psychotherapy, which is a service covered by most major insurance plans.  If we do not accept your insurance, you can elect to use out-of-network benefits or explore out of pocket costs. For Out of Network plans, the fee for Pre-Treatment Consultation of $195 is due on the date of service. Our office will complete and submit Out of Network HCFA claims on your behalf for your insurance company to reimburse you directly.

What do our services cost out of pocket?
If you are not using in-network insurance, the following fees are due upon the date of service:
Pre-Treatment Consultation: $195
KetaTherapy™ Session: $175
KetaTherapy™ Group: $50
Phone calls, consultation to your other healthcare providers, and other contacts:  $50 per 15 minute increments
Phone calls and contacts under 15 minutes for returning clients: Complimentary

Research & Results 

Tracking Your Progress
  • What you remember from your “trip” is important. The most innocuous or ordinary memories tend to be the most impactful and important for recovery. 
  • When working through any trauma, you will feel worse before you feel better. 
  • After the initial six Ketamine infusions, it is recommended to receive maintenance infusions every 3-4 weeks while undergoing KetaTherapy™.