At PsychBreak in downtown Chicago, we provide extensive psychological assessment testing and evaluations for all age groups – childrens, teens, and adults.

Adult Assessment and Testing

Mental Health Testing
– Emotional and Psychological Testing for Mood, Anxiety, and Interpersonal Difficulties
– Complicated Psychiatric Diagnosis
– Cognitive Testing

Employment/Workplace Screening
– Full Psychological Evaluations for Military, Federal Aviation Administration, and Civil Service Fitness-of-Duty

Child Psychological Assessment

Cognitive Assessments
– Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
– Educational Accommodations
– Learning Difficulties:
– Developmental Reading Disorder
– Mathematics Disorder
– Writing Disorder/Dysgraphia
– Speech/Language and Communication Disorders
– Elimination Disorders
– Complex Medical Conditions
– Concussion
– Traumatic Brain Injury

Emotional and Behavioral Assessments
– Mood Disorders
– Anxiety
– Interpersonal Difficulties
– Behavioral Problems
– Trauma