PsychBreak is proud to offer low fee counseling and therapy services to clients of all income levels. We understand issues in life arise when we least expect it and access to counseling may be limited to those who do not want to use their insurance and/or are required to assume a large deductible payment. Our sliding scale therapy services offer access to quality therapeutic care, without the hassle of dealing with insurance companies.

How does Sliding Scale Counseling work?

Sliding-scale fee for service counseling allows clients of all income levels access to therapeutic care. During the initial session you and the therapist talk about the fee per session moving forward with a minimum fee of $50. Because clients pay what they can afford, PsychBreak clinicians can be a valuable resource for those who are unemployed or do not wish to utilize health insurance.

Who will be my counselor?

PsychBreak is a Psychotherapy training site for graduate students working toward their Doctoral Degrees in Clinical Psychology. All of our sliding scale counselors, therapists and psychologists have a Master’s degree or Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and are supervised by a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. The practice trains Post-Doctoral Fellows, Pre-Doctoral Interns, Advanced Therapy Externs, and Therapy Externs. We work with each client on a case by case basis in order to assure the best match between you and your therapist, the presenting issue, and to provide the most effective treatment approach.

Can I use my insurance?

Our low fee services are not compatible with most insurance, so you will need to pay at the time of each session. PsychBreak accepts cash and most major credit cards.

How many sessions will I need to do?

The number of sessions varies widely, and depends on several factors. You can discuss your expectations about the length of treatment and overall cost with your therapist. Together, you can decide what goals you would like to accomplish, how quickly you would like to meet those goals, and how often you will meet.