Teletherapy In Illinois & Select States

Updated November 1, 2020

PsychBreak is pleased to offer telehealth sessions and in-person treatment in our Contactless Mask-Free treatment suites.  Clients are invited to see select providers in person.  You and your provider can remove your masks in adjacent offices with a sealed plexiglass window and secure-frequency radio intercom for clear communication.

All clinicians are available for telehealth visits on a secure video chat platform or telephone. Clients can call the office or contact their provider directly to adjust schedules if needed.

New clients are welcome! We can provide individual, child, couples, and family therapy sessions over secure telehealth platforms.

Psychological and neuropsychological assessments are available via a combination of telehealth and Contactless Mask-Free office visits.

We are proud to serve our clients during these uncertain times.

Potential benefits to phone/video chat sessions:

  • You may be able to meet your clinician at times when meeting in person sessions may not be practical. Changes in your work or childcare schedules should not leave you without mental health services.
  • Your clinician may be able to be more accessible to you in case of emergency
  • If you are unable to leave your home due to disability, injury, or illness, your mental health services can continue as normal
  • For some individuals, there is stigma associated with mental health services. You may feel embarrassed or ashamed seeking services if you have never had a therapy session before. A phone/video chat session may lessen some of these initial challenging feelings.

Potential risks and costs to phone/video chat sessions:

  • There may be less nonverbal communication than for an in-person session.
  • With any technology, there is always the risk of being inadvertently disconnected. If your call or chat session is disrupted at any time, please feel free to call back or email your clinician about another time to call, if the calling technology appears to be dysfunctional.
  • You will need to assume responsibility to maintaining confidentiality on your end of the session. You accept responsibility to secure any phone or computer you may use for our session.
  • As with any health care services, you are ultimately responsible for payment. Please discuss payment methods, including insurance and private pay, with your clinician prior to engaging in telehealth sessions.

Teletherapy sessions can help with many challenges you may be facing including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief/Loss
  • Trauma
  • Health Anxiety

March 22, 2020: Update for out of state patients/clients:

The Licensed clinicians at PsychBreak, LLC, have received permission to see clients from the following states via Telehealth, in order to meet the needs of states with mental health provider shortages.  If your state* is listed below, please email or call 312-344-1081 to set up an initial appointment for Phone or Video Chat.





Delaware (video chat only)

District of Columbia






North Carolina


Texas (limited to locales which have been declared disaster areas)


*If your state is not listed, please call us or check back for updates.  State governors are making changes daily to their emergency declarations. If you request an appointment, we can contact you when your state allows for interjurisdictional practice.

Interested in our telehealth services? Give our office a call at 312-344-1081 for more information.